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A new age of information management is here.

  • Access any data source with ease.
  • Integrate internal sources with external sources by the hundreds or even thousands.
  • Get all the information you need, accurately, and in real-time.
  • Instantly visualize and browse your data.

We enable clients to effectively and easily collect, organize, analyze and manage high volumes of data drawn from disparate sources. We make mountains of diamonds from a world of inconsistent data.

No more "robots", scripts, complicated SQL or expensive ETL systems. Bee Software is architected in a completely new manner to solve all these needs in an easier and more scalable manner. The results will amaze you.

We provide all-and-only the data you need, in the form you need it.

About Our Products

In the last decade, corporations have become increasingly comfortable with and adept at making large volumes of data available to their consumers, both internal and external to the organization. Through the use of platform-neutral interfaces, applications are now able to query disparate data sets with ease. As a result, the challenge has become one of management - when working with independent data sets, how can all this data be managed in a single, coherent fashion?

Bee Software has the tools to solve these problems. Whether your challenges involve collecting data, organizing it, managing it, or searching it, Bee Software has innovative solutions.

Our data aggregation and classification tools work across many industries. We can tailor a solution to meet your needs.      more

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